Entry #2

Days of Legend

2007-08-09 03:46:27 by Ytangon

Hello, fellow NG users!
I have created a website for the game I came up with that is LIKE D&D, but in many ways
different. The website is fairly small at the moment with only two pages, but I will be
working on it so keep a look-out!

Days of Legend Website

So check out the How to Play section to learn how the game is played. The How to Play
section will also be updated from time to time in case there are things I left out. If you have
any questions, please submit them to my e-mail.


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2007-10-22 19:32:19

Try making it with a program, and then make your own site, it's onlike like 5 bucks a month. Do what other people do and just imput the code into notebad, a lot easier.