Entry #1

Can't see shit, captain.

2007-07-17 21:13:38 by Ytangon

Well I just got back from a 3 hour swim at the neighborhood pool.
I am fucking wiped.
Some kids father felt the need to yell at me in front of everyone telling me to "leave his kid the fuck alone" because I had been "picking on him". So what? Me and his brother hit him with a foam noodle a few times and he cries about it. Fucking pansy.
Kids these days need to stop whining about every little fucking thing. It's a lot worse out there in the real world.
So anyways, now after 3 hours, I have so much fucking chlorine in my eyes that I can barely make out what i'm typing. Anyone have any tips on how to fix this?

Can't see shit, captain.


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2007-09-24 11:16:00

Pouring a bit of salt in those eyes can help get that nasty chlorine out. Be sure to have plenty of paper towels for all that pink foam though! ;)